1. Elections

    The Township Clerk is the local administrator for Primary, General, and Special Elections held in Montville Township.

  2. Facilities & Parks

    Here you will find the necessary forms to reserve a park or facility and a list of the parks and facilities we have to offer the community.

  3. Fire & First Aid

    The Township of Montville is very fortunate to have a cadre of volunteers who provide around-the-clock fire protection and first aid services.

  4. Mandated Materials to Recycle

    Here you can find materials mandated to be source separated and recycled in Montville Township, New Jersey.

  5. Rates & Payment

    Here you can view our water rates, sanitary sewer rates, our payment methods, and income qualified senior citizen or disabled sewer discount.

  6. Seasonal Special Events

    Here you will find information about our holiday community event details.