Every Drop Counts

Water Conservation Education Program

Created in 2002 for Montville Township, Every Drop Counts is a water conservation education program that encourages students, teachers, families, and residents to conserve water. The program meets core curriculum standards in all subject areas, and teaches students ways to conserve water and protect water quality.

Inspired by a model of the Towaco Valley Aquifer, made by Vanessa Pena for an 8th grade science project, Every Drop Counts teaches students how aquifers store water, how water is accessed by wells, and how the Montville Water Department distributes, stores, and monitors water to meet water demands ranging from two to five million gallons daily.

Through experiments, in-class demonstrations, field trips, contests, and festivals, Every Drop Counts focuses on both local water usage and world wide water concerns. Students are encouraged to educate family and friends on the natural limits of this valuable resource, and to practice conservation at home and school.

Winner of the 2006 New Jersey Planning Officials' Achievement in Planning Award, as an innovative environmental program that has demonstrated a positive and lasting impact on the community.

Since the inception of Every Drop Counts, more than 4,000 Montville Township students have visited the Towaco Valley Aquifer area. Despite a 5% increase in population, Montville Township’s overall water usage is down more than 14% since 2001.

Every Drop Counts is sponsored by Montville Township and administered in cooperation with the Montville Township Board of Education. Every drop counts is protected by copyright laws and may not be duplicated in whole or in part without written permission
Every Drop Counts Model