Environmental Health

Sandra Muller, Registered Environmental Health Specialist
Matthew Kane, Registered Environmental Health Specialist

The Environmental Health Division is responsible for a wide variety of annually required public and environmental health inspections, including:
  • Animal Facilities (Kennels/Pet Shops)
  • Body Art Facilities (Tattoo/Piercing/Permanent Cosmetics)
  • Farmers Market
  • Food Vending Machine
  • Massage Facilities
  • Retail Food Establishments
  • Public Recreational Bathing
  • Septic System Installations
  • Tanning Facilities
  • Wells
  • Youth Camps

They also conduct public and environmental health investigations as they occur, including:

  • Animal Bites and Quarantine Procedures
  • Childhood Lead Poisoning
  • Dog Park Ordinance Compliance
  • Public Health Nuisance
    • Air Pollution
    • Apartment Heating Complaints
    • Insects (Flies, Mosquitoes)
    • Litter/Garbage
    • Mold
    • Noise
    • Noxious Weeds (Ragweed, Poison Ivy)
    • Rodents
    • Water Pollution