Featured Employee

May 2017 Featured Employees:


Gary Giacobbe and Travis Luecht

Montville Township’s Department of Public Works is full of hard working employees. 

We are happy to feature Gary and Travis who are part of this team and tell you a little bit about them.

Gary Giacobbe has been working for the Township for 12 years.  Recently, Gary was tasked with coordinating and installing the 150th Anniversary Banners around town.  Rain or shine, he was found in the Township’s bucket truck, adorning our poles with the celebratory banners proudly.  He even hung a few by ladder when our bucket truck had temporarily broken down.  We recognize the hard work that the 3 week deadline required to hang the 180 banners and we truly appreciate the effort it took to reach that deadline.

Travis Luecht has been working for the Township for just under 2 years.  Travis has become a permanent fixture at our Municipal Building, where he has completed a ceiling tile replacement project as well as installed new bronze letters and a picture hanging system in our renovated chamber.  He was also involved in cleaning and preparing our museum for the 150th anniversary opening.  Travis approaches every project he is given with a high level of professionalism and expertise. 

These are just two of the dedicated Public Works employees that work behind the scenes to make Montville beautiful.


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June 2017 Featured Employees: 


June Hercek, Kelley Kehoe and Nicole Engle


June Hercek is in her third year with Montville Township as the Assistant Administrator.  She is also the Township’s Qualified Purchasing Agent.  At any time of the day you can find her in her office offering advice and guidance or sharing her cheerful smile around the Municipal Building.  In June’s position, there are always several different projects that arise which require her talent and attention.  In Montville’s 150th year there have been a fair amount of new challenges that are always met in a professional and enthusiastic manner by our Assistant Administrator.  Recently she was involved in updating our “Images of America – Montville Township” book.  She had to coordinate and review photographs of the township, as well as write up descriptions utilizing the publisher’s previous style and vision from the earlier version of the book.  This was no easy task, however the book has been enjoyed by several Township residents already and is still available for purchase for $20 until our Fourth of July celebration on June 24th


Upon entering our Municipal Building you are greeted by our Recreation Department sitting out in the common area.  These employees work efficiently and happily despite the constant interruption of foot traffic they encounter.  Kelley Kehoe has worked for Montville Township Recreation for 25 years.  Our Recreation Department offers so many programs and events that require so much planning and coordination.  Kelley’s success is apparent in the smiles of every kid that has ever been involved in any of those programs.  Her expertise and knowledge have been helpful while training Nicole Engle who started in our Recreation Department in the Fall of 2016.  Nicole brings her optimistic perspective and eagerness to learn with her every day and she is a great addition to the department.  The Recreation Department is in the midst of launching another year of Summer Camp as well as other Summer Programs, feel free to stop in to see Kelley and Nicole or check the website http://montvillenj.org  for information!