Coach Certification

  • Process and Procedures
    • Any person assisting in a Montville sports program must be certified in town
      • This includes, but is not limited to: head coach, assistant coach, trainer, helper, or any other position that would require contact with a child
    • If interested in coaching it is important to start the process prior to the scheduled season to make sure you are completely certified before any meeting or practices occur.
  • Required
    1. Coaches Application - All paperwork must be submitted to the Montville Recreation Department
      1. Includes:
        1. Application
        2. Coaches Contract
        3. Code of Conduct
        4. Voucher Form (Fingerprinting receipt will need to be forwarded once completed in order for reimbursement to occur)
      2. For those under 18 years of age please fill out this application and submit it to the Montville Recreation Department via email
    2. Coaches Certification Class
      1. A one-time only requirement
        1. Class Dates for January - June 2024
      2. Everyone, including minors, are required to take this class
      3. An exception to attending this class would be proof of a previously recognized program (NYSCA or Rutgers Safety Certification Program)
    3. Background Check
      1. Any person 18 years of age and older must be fingerprinted and cleared by the State before assisting
      2. This must be renewed every 3 years.
    4. Once ALL requirements are met, an ID Card will provided with a lanyard to be worn AT ALL TIMES while coaching
  • Renewing Coaches
    • Once a background check has expired, a volunteer is required to renew their certification process 
  • The list below contains the Recreation Coaches who have completed the Certification Process. 
    • A complete list of Current Certified Coaches 
      • If you believe your name should appear on this list please contact the Montville Recreation Department via email.
      • If your name previously appeared on the list and no longer appears, it may be due to your background check expiring.  Please contact the Montville Recreation Department via email.