Rental Assistance (Morris County)

Alert to All Renters Who Are Behind in Payments!


Protections against evictions have been broadened and the income threshold for rental assistance has been widened by the State of New Jersey.


But YOU MUST TAKE ACTION to protect yourself by going to this website:


A Summary of What you Will Find There is Below:

As New Jersey winds down the COVID-19 eviction moratorium, the State has introduced critical protections to renter households who experienced economic hardships during the pandemic. In addition, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a temporary eviction moratorium. To take advantage of state and federal protections, you should complete both the State's self-certification form and the CDC declaration.


CDC's Eviction Protection Declaration:

If you live in a county experiencing "substantial" or "high" levels of COVID-19 community transmission (Which were all NJ counties as of Aug. 9, 2021), you may be able to stay at the place where you live through October 3, 2021 if you qualify for eviction protection under the CDC order.


Complete CDC's Eviction Protection Declaration to qualify for protection.


New Jersey's Eviction Protections and Self-Certification Form:

If you live in a New Jersey household with income below 120% of your county's Area Median Income, you are permanently protected from eviction or removal at any time for nonpayment of rent, habitual late payment of rent, or failure to accept a rent increase that accrued from March 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021.
 Depending on your household's income level and specific circumstances, you may also be eligible for protection from eviction or removal through December 31, 2021, and other assistance and services.


Complete the self-certification form to learn about New Jersey protections you may qualify for and complete the necessary self-certification of your household income.


Read here for more details and frequently asked questions regarding renter protections and the self-certification form.