Water Meter Replacement Project

Montville Township is about to begin a Township wide Water Meter Replacement Project.  Participation in the Water Meter Replacement Project is mandatory.  All water customers serviced by the Montville Water & Sewer Dept. will have their meters updated to a Neptune style meter that will transfer meter readings to our system via radio to 4 towers that we have installed on our water tanks.  The Water Dept is replacing meters as they are beginning to approach the end of their useful projected life span. The project will be done in a number of Phases and there    is no additional cost to the customer with this update. 

 Montville Township has recently awarded a contract to MeterTek Utility Services to begin replacing meters and updating the meter reading system in Phase 1, which consists of approximately 3,000 of our customer’s meters.   Customers who will have their meter changed out during this phase will receive a notification from MeterTek, once they are ready to begin installations in your area, with instructions to call 1-800-717-0974 to schedule an appointment.  You can schedule and appointment directly by visiting their website at www.metertek.net.  Generally, the water service interruption and installation duration is less than 30 minutes.

 Access to your home or place of business to install the new meter and radio equipment will be required.  For installation to take place, someone 18 years of age or older must be present at the time of installation and the area in front of the water meter should be cleared and made accessible.  MeterTek Utility Services’ installers are always required to be in uniform and have identification badges displayed.  The installers drive company vehicles that are appropriately marked with the company name & logo.


Frequently Asked Questions from customers regarding the water meter project:

Can you explain the installation process?

The project includes replacing water meters with new, technologically advanced meters and registers that can communicate usage data via wireless technology.  During the water meter replacement, your water service will be temporarily interrupted while the existing water meter is removed and the new meter and reading equipment is installed.  To ensure the installation is complete, workers will then test to confirm the equipment is working correctly.  The process should take less than 30 minutes.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the installation? 

Please ensure the area around the water meter is clear and accessible.  To help keep everyone safe, pets will need to be kept away from the installation area.   

How does this benefit the customers?

Benefits are:

Quicker leak detection for customers

Reduced meter reading cost

More efficient customer service.

How will I be informed when the installation is taking place at my home or business?

A mailing will be sent to customers regarding the installation of the new water meters and meter transmitters. Customers need to respond to the phone number or website listed on the mailing to schedule an appointment.

What happens with the current meters and equipment?

The existing meters will be tested for accuracy, then recycled.