What is Every Drop Counts?
EVERY DROP COUNTS is a water conservation education program that encourages students, teachers, families, and residents to conserve water. To learn more view the Every Drop Counts page.

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1. When can I sprinkle my lawn?
2. How do I landscape for water conservation?
3. What types of landscaping plants are drought resistant?
4. What is Xeriscaping?
5. Who do I contact for billing questions?
6. How much does it cost to connect to public water or sewer?
7. How do I pay my water or sewer bill?
8. Am I entitled to discounts?
9. Where does Montville Township get water?
10. Are we in a drought?
11. How do I report water violations?
12. What can I do to conserve water?
13. What is Every Drop Counts?
14. How do I read my water meter?
15. How do I fill my pool?
16. I am selling my home, how do I get my final bill?
17. I am purchasing a home, how do I arrange for service?
18. How can I safely dispose of household items that may be harmful to the environment?