Water & Sewer


The Water and Sewer Department is responsible for the maintenance, construction and customer billing for the Montville Township Municipal Water and Municipal Sanitary Sewer systems

Online Payments 

You can now make your water and sewer payments online.

The Governor's Executive Order regarding Water fees:

Pertaining to Governor Murphy’s executive order #246 which extends the water fees collection process initiated during the pandemic until 1/1/2022, please be advised during the extension of this order, water shall not be turned off, put to tax sale and water late fees will be waived but accumulated.  When the executive order is lifted, if outstanding water fees initiated during the pandemic are unpaid at such time, water interest will be charged back to the original water bill date.

Water Restrictions:

The Township has permant water restrictions in effect. See Lawn Irrigation link

Water Quality/ Consumer Confidence Report Link

Water Service Line Inventory

Sanitary Sewer Guidelines:

Basement Sump Pumps

Do not connect your basement sump pump to the sanitary sewer!

It's the Law!

Federal law prohibits basement sump pumps from discharging into Montville’s Sanitary Sewer System.

  • No storm pipe, storm drain, sump pump for subsurface or basement water, or storm or ground water disposal of any kind shall be connected to or be allowed to discharge into any house or building sewer connection.
  • No gasoline, naphtha, oil, or other explosives or flammable material or acids shall be permitted to be discharged into the sanitary sewer.
  • No cesspool, septic tank, individual sanitary disposal system, dry well or sump hole of any kind shall be connected to or be allowed to discharge into the sewer system.