Design Review Committee


  • 8:30 a.m.
  • 4th Wednesday of each month
  • Municipal Building or Virtually


  • Joseph Nadler, Chairman (1/2023)
  • Anthony Garrett, Vice Chairman (1/2023)
  • Tim Braden (1/2023)
  • Richard Conklin (1/2023)
  • Joseph Stellato (1/2023)
  • Erik Wolfe (1/2023)
  • Ed Kadushin (1/2023)
  • Cheryl Cavanaugh (1/2023)
  • Vacancy

Township Committee Liaison

  •  June Witty, Alternate

Function of the Design Review Committee

Design Review Committee promotes good quality design and attractive appearance of properties by preserving and enhancing natural features and the natural environment; contributing to the amenities and attractiveness of an area to maintain and improve the economic value and stability of property; and encouraging the most appropriate use and development of the property and adjacent properties.

Site Plan Review

Any site plan involving a new building, addition to an existing building or change in the exterior design or appearance of an existing building, an application for a fence or wall and any application for a sign permit may be referred to the Design Review Committee for review and recommendation. The Design Review Committee provides a written report with suggested recommendations to the Planning Board, or the Subdivision and Site Plan Committee, if appropriate.

Design Standards

In preparing its report, the Design Review Committee utilizes design standards set forth in the land use code. The applicant or his representative may appear before the Planning Board and be heard with respect to the submission. The Planning Board may also authorize the applicant to meet with the Design Review Committee. After review, the Planning Board approves or disapproves the submission, stating its findings and the reasons for its action.

Reviewing the Plan

Whenever a site plan requires approval by the Board of Adjustment, the same procedures are followed by the Design Review Committee and the Board of Adjustment. If necessary, a member of the Design Review Committee appears before the Board of Adjustment to testify on the design review report. The Design Review Committee reviews design standards, such as preservation of landscape, relation of proposed buildings to the environment, architectural design which is harmonious with the character of existing development, design of building walls, open space, circulation and parking, special features, utility service, and advertising features.