Planning Board


  • 7:30 p.m.
  • 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month
  • Municipal Building- Committee Chambers or Virtually


  • Gary Lewis, Chairman (1/2026)
  • Arthur Maggio, Vice-Chairman (1/2028)
  • Adam Adrignolo (1/2025)
  • Tim Braden (1/2026)
  • Lawrence Kornreich, Ph.D. (1/2027)
  • Russell Lipari (1/2027)
  • Richard Conklin (1/2025)
  • Matthew Kayne, Mayor (1/2025)
  • Nicholas Agnoli (1/2028)
  • Pane Repic (1/2025)
  • Larry Hines (1/2026)


  • Michael Carroll, Esq.
    Morristown, NJ

Planning Consultant

  • Joseph Burgis, AICP, PP
    Westwood, NJ


  • James Giurintano, PE PP CME
    Bowman Consulting Group, LTD 
    Parsippany, NJ

Official Newspapers

  • The Daily Record
  • The Citizen

About the Board

Planning Boards are responsible for generating and updating a community's master plan, a comprehensive, long-range plan intended to guide the growth and development of a community. This document contains elements that provide for future economic development, housing, recreation, open space, transportation, community facilities and land use. The Master Plan is then used to develop and implement broad land use policies for guiding the growth of a municipality.

Master Plan Element

A primary element of the Master Plan is the Land Use Plan. This element serves as the basis for development of the Township's zoning ordinances, a set of local regulations that provides for controls on how the land in Montville is used, occupied or utilized. The Land Use Plan is also implemented through a zoning map of zone types recommended in the Land Use Plan. 

Subdivisions & Site Plan Review

Other functions of the Planning Board involve subdivision and site plan review, creating the official map and associated zoning ordinances and reviewing the capital improvements program for the Township. The Board is also empowered with the ability to approve "C" variances (departures from zoning ordinances) in conjunction with development applications and also establishes procedures for review of these applications.


The Planning Board is involved in review of other state or federal programs or plans. The Board also assembles data for planning purposes and performs other advisory duties as requested by the Township Committee to aid them in the planning process.


The Board is heavily involved in reviewing major subdivisions and site plans and finalizing the Land Use Regulations that will support the zoning ordinances of the Community. Subdivision review is required whenever any lot, tract or parcel of land is divided into two or more lots, tracts and parcels. Site plan reviews are required when someone proposes development for anything other than an individual lot application for detached one or two dwelling units.

Development Plans

Plans for development are available for public inspection in the Land Use Department located at the Municipal Building. The Planning Board meets regularly. Public participation is always encouraged and welcomed at these meetings.

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