Snow and Ice Removal

Montville Township Department of Public Works

Snow & Ice Removal Operations

When snow and ice is forecasted, there is a multi-faceted approach to snow and ice removal operations. This document is intended to explain how Montville Township Department of Public Works approaches and delivers exceptional service during snow and ice events throughout the town.

Storm Preparation

Prior to a forecasted event:

The Director of Public Works and the Roads Supervisor discuss the strategy for the upcoming event. They review weather forecasts, manpower availability, equipment availability, and de-icing supplies. The Director of Public Works briefs Administration as to the strategy for the forecasted event.  If more than one inch of snow and ice is forecasted, plowing will be anticipated.

 Initial Snow Fall and De-Icing Operation:

When frozen precipitation begins:

The Public Works Department responds with salt trucks to apply treated salt to the main and side roads in the town, including the hills. This initial application of salt helps melt the frozen precipitation. However, its primary purpose is to create a brine between the pavement and frozen precipitation. This prevents snow & ice hard pack from forming. This operation continues until all of the routes have been completed. Once complete, an assessment of the current road conditions and weather forecast are made to determine the next phase of the Snow and Ice Removal Operation.

 Snow Depth less than 1 inch with favorable road conditions:

The salting operation will be continued treating roads with de-icing agents.

 Snow Depth forecast of more than 1 inch or more:

The salting operation will be terminated and plowing operations normally begin.


Plowing Operation

 Three factors affect actual snow plowing procedures:

  • Depth of precipitation
  • Type of precipitation
  • The long range forecast (12 to 36 hours)

 If snow is predicted to continue, plowing crews are instructed to plow their assigned routes until the snow fall ceases. The town is divided into 18 plow routes, which include all town streets. These routes may take 2 -4 hours to plow once. It may be longer depending on the type of frozen precipitation. When there is a long duration event the streets will be plowed multiple times. Residents may see drivers making multiple passes up and down their street. This is done to clear the street of snow from curb to curb and to keep all of the catch basins open, preventing flooding from melted snow that may plug the basin tops. This phase of the operation will continue until the routes are finished. If needed, vehicles may be assigned to another route to assist another crews when there are unforeseen circumstances. These instructions remain in effect until it stops snowing. After the snow stops, and the plowing of the routes is complete, a small crew is sent out to deal with any remaining issues.

 Who to Call and When

Department of Public Works: (973) 331-3324 or (973) 331-3323; Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm;

Call during business hours to report icy or non-plowed roads and mailbox damage due to plowing

Please note: The DPW will still be out cleaning and clearing roads after the storm has passed.

 During Non- Business Hours, please call the Montville Township Police Department to report any icy road conditions - 973-257-4300


Sidewalk Shoveling

 It is important for the health and safety of residents that sidewalks are cleared of snow within 24 hours from the end of a snow event. If you have a sidewalk on your property, please clear the snow as soon as possible. Please note: The DPW may be making multiple passes up and down the street which might result in some snow to cover the sidewalks after you have already shoveled.  It is still your responsibility to clear the sidewalks.


Driveway Apron/Entrance and Mailboxes

 It is the responsibility of the homeowner to clear all driveway aprons/entrances and mailboxes.  The DPW will be making multiple passes to clear the roads of snow and ice even after you may have already initially shoveled, but after each pass it is still your responsibility to clear these areas.


Overnight Parking

 As per Ordinance #10.08.060 – whenever snow has fallen and the accumulation is such that it covers the street or highway, no vehicle shall be parked on either side of any of the streets.


As per Ordinance #10.20.170 – No person shall park a vehicle on any street in the township when snow covered, except as otherwise posted on the below-listed streets: 

Name of Street



Crest Terrace


Entire length

Shawnee Trail


From MacLeay Road to a point 950 feet northeasterly

Sunrise Way


Entire length

Sylvan Drive


Entire length

Tara Lane


Entire length

Valley View Drive


480 feet east of Underwood Road opposite No. 3 Valley View Drive

Windsor Drive


From Rutledge Road to a point 450 feet northerly